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A Sisterhood of fearless, bold, courageous women of faith ENCOURAGING and EMPOWERING one another to IGNITE the flame within.  Live Life Intentionally...with Purpose!  Engage with a group of beautiful soulful women that share in the Biblical truths of God's Word.  

At Living Encouraged, we are a Sisterhood dedicated to growing a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ through studying God's Word.  We invite you to join our Sisterhood of fierce utterly perfectly imperfect women that embrace the beautiful woman that God created them to be.  

Through weekly on-line Bible studies, courses, video series, and devotions, together we learn how to handle life's challenges with GRACE and STRENGTH.  My beautiful sister, you are a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.  Immerse yourself in the precious truths that God has spoken over you.  Embrace who you are and let's celebrate the beautiful woman God created in you.  


Our Mission & Vision Of Faith

At Living Encouraged, we aim to inspire women all around the world to realize their true self-worth and encourage them to fan into flame the gifts from God.  

Our mission is to empower women through online Bible studies, courses, videos and additional resources that can be applied in their spiritual growth.

We are dedicated to encourage and motivate women to step out BOLD and FEARLESS, as they walk in their purpose.

Our vision is to inspire you to ignite the flame within and to live life intentionally...with purpose aligned with Christ.

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."

2 Timothy 1:7


Meet Our Founder

Ileen Bocanegra is the Founder of Living Encouraged Ministries,  Blossomed Flowers blog, Author, Podcast Host of Living Encouraged, Life Strategist, Bible Teacher, and Speaker.  

She is passionate about encouraging women to move towards realizing their purpose, visions, and goals while building an intimate relationship with God.  

What started off as a small women's Bible study group in her backyard, has grown through social media and become worldwide.  Today, Ileen reaches women globally, as she teaches the Word of God through her Bible studies.  She is passionate about pouring her heart and soul into writing women's Bible studies that women today can relate easily to.  

Ileen is the author of several Bible study series that include, Utterly Perfectly Imperfect, Beauty Beyond the Mask, Anchored By Faith & Hope, Beautifully Restored, and Spiritual Training Bootcamp.  With Ileen's passion for teaching God's Word and her creative writing skills, she creates more than a Bible study.  She creates an experience you will immerse into through mind, body, and spirit, as you grow a more intimate relationship with God.  



INSTAGRAM @theileenbocanegra


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